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Graduate Diploma in Divinity

The Graduate Diploma of Divinity offers flexibility for students to explore areas of interest in theology or to focus in-depth on one particular area. It serves as a foundation for theology, philosophy, or other theological disciplines.
Study Options
Graduate Diploma
Course Load
6 standard postgraduate units (subjects)
You can study this course part-time or full-time. Part-time is 1-2 units per semester up to 3 years. Full-time is 3 units per semester for 1 year. Each standard unit: 3 hours per week of classes/learning activities (12 weeks) and 10 hours per week study and assessment tasks (16 weeks).
Study Mode
Classroom, Mixed, Online

See the current study timetable here: 2024 Study Timetable

$3172 per standard PG unit in 2024 - as set by the University of Divinity. Additional charges may apply for any units with residential-intensive components. FEE-HELP available for eligible students.
Admission Requirements
Successful completion of an undergraduate degree, or an approved equivalent.
Course Regulations

Visit the University of Divinity website for the comprehensive Graduate Diploma of Divinity academic course outline.

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