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Research Projects

The Spirited Project

The Spirited Project is a Whitley research project that serves to demonstrate the value of spiritual care as an aspect of holistic palliative and dementia care. Led by Whitley’s Interim Principal Associate Professor Darrell Jackson, the project team has led important conversations and continues to tackle critical questions surrounding the care and treatment of dementia sufferers.

The project team has an article published in Religions as part of the Special Issue ‘Spirituality and Aging: Finding Meaning in the Context of Personal and Societal Change’. The article is titled ‘Equipping Families and Friends to Offer Spiritual Care to People Living with Dementia: Findings from a Meta-Synthesis’.

Download the full article here.

Read an interview with the project team here.

Better Neighbours Project

Dr Alessia Passarelli, from Italy, is a partner in our Better Neighbours research project that explores the integration of migrants in Melbourne.

Polyvocal and Polycentric Mission – Mission in Many Places Project

This ongoing research is focused on new patterns of mission theory and practice. Interim Principal Rev Associate Professor Darrell Jackson is supported in the Many Places, Many Voices research project by Whitley’s Interim Director of Research, Dr Titus Olorunnisola, in collaboration with Baptist Mission Australia.

To find out more about these projects, contact the Interim Director of Research Rev Dr Titus Olorunnisola.