About us

Whitley College, Parkville

Whitley is a Christian community of learning – a welcoming context where you can explore fundamental questions of faith and of meaning with others who are also engaged with these same questions and issues, even if their life experiences, faith commitments, cultural identity, or reasons for study may be different from yours. Our Baptist heritage has always underscored the integrity and freedom of each person, a respect for people of all faiths and of none.

Here you will find that the questions we ask today have challenged people long before us. We can learn from their story and we can contribute our own stories to this great conversation of faith and discipleship.

Our students enjoy a dynamic atmosphere of academic excellence and rigorous theological engagement, and gain resources to live and think deeply, dynamically, and faithfully in God’s world. Whitley is a place where you can belong, and make lifelong friends and colleagues. Our warm community of students and staff gather for lunch, worship, chatter, support each other and have fun.

Our creative, committed, and accomplished teachers lead our learning programs, and enable you to gain world-class accredited academic awards that are respected in Australia and internationally.

Our graduates have gone on to work in a variety of intercultural and professional contexts, including pastoral leadership, community aid and development, chaplaincy and spiritual care, public service and advocacy, hospitality, teaching, youth work, aged care, and much more.

Our personalised and flexible approaches to learning form the leaders of the future as we work together to cultivate a just world.