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WellSpring (Spirituality Studies)

You and I have a soul, our spiritual home,
that place within us where Spirit dwells.
It is also the source of your most precious gifts,
that Divine gives to illumine our world.

WellSpring is a contemplative spirituality centre deepening in God, living out love. WellSpring fosters a contemplative awareness of the presence of Divine and encourages people to explore what this means for them in all of life. WellSpring offers formation programs through Whitley College, using spiritual formation as an approach to learning and shaping contemplative living.

WellSpring Units invite learners to:

  • Listen to Spirit’s invitation to us as we share with each other,
  • Notice the influences of Divine’s Spirit in our everyday experiences, and
  • Imagine new ways of responding to the Divine in our lives.

WellSpring invites students to bring their whole self to the classes, to share with other students, to reflect on our own deep stories together and what they are trying to say to us. WellSpring believes that every student is a gift from the Divine to one other and we welcome our experiences as opportunities to grow in awareness.

Come and join WellSpring as together we explore approaches to spirituality that inform our inner life and outer work.