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Justice in the Prophets

This unit will introduce the concepts of justice in the teaching of Israel’s prophets, giving attention to key prophetic texts in their historical and social contexts. The focus for exegetical studies will be texts selected from Amos, Isaiah and Jeremiah. The relevance of these texts will be discussed in relation to the dynamic biblical dialogue about the nature of sin, the role of law, and the impact of social and economic change on Israel’s understanding of divine will.

Undergraduate: BA2002W or BA3002W
Postgraduate: BA9002W
Undergraduate (Level 2 or Level 3) and Postgraduate
Old Testament (BA)
Biblical Studies (B)
Undergraduate Level 2: BA1001W, or equivalent
Undergraduate Level 3: 36 points (two standard units) in Hebrew Bible
Postgraduate: 48 points (two standard units) in Hebrew Bible
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Class Time
Three hours per week