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Use of the Bible in Ethics

Semester 2
Day Class

The unit will examine a broad range of approaches to the use of the Bible in ethics. A number of case studies will illustrate the diversity of biblical material as it relates to particular ethical topics (such as war, reconciliation, human rights, wealth and poverty, abortion, ecology, and sexuality). In exploring hermeneutical analogies, consideration will be given to the similarities and differences between biblical cultures and our own multicultural contexts. Attention will also be paid to the ways in which Biblical models and interpretation may play a role in public life.

Undergraduate: BS3020W
Postgraduate: BS9020W
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Biblical Studies (BS)
Biblical Studies (B)
Undergraduate: 36 pts in Field B; 18 pts in Systematic Theology
Postgraduate: 48 pts in Field B; 24 pts in Systematic Theology
Whitley College   view location >
Mark Brett, Keith Dyer   view profile >
Class Time
2021: Three hours per week
Also available online