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Suffering, Faith and Theodicy

Semester 1
Day Class

This unit proceeds on the premise that the Christian community must learn to speak responsibly about suffering: both the suffering in its midst and its being in the midst of suffering. It (i) critically examines some of the ‘Christian’ theodicies (from St Augustine to Thomas Aquinas, Alvin Plantinga, John Cobb, Catherine Keller, Marilyn McCord Adams, David Bentley Hart, and others) and anti-theodicies (from Fyodor Dostoevsky to Theodor Adorno, D.Z. Phillips, Donald MacKinnon, Kazoh Kitamori, Simone Weil, Jürgen Moltmann, Paul Fiddes, and others) that have been proposed; (ii) enquires to what extent they are determined by the action of God’s becoming incarnate; and (iii) explores the nature of faith faced with the realities to which theodicies have attempted to speak.

Undergraduate: CT3029W
Postgraduate: CT9029W
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Systematic Theology (CT)
Christian Thought and History (C)
Undergraduate: 36 points (two standard units) in CT
Postgraduate: 72 points (three standard units) in Foundational Studies, including 48 points in CT
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Class Time
2021: Three hours per week