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Home News Celebrating the literary achievement of Jason Goroncy

Celebrating the literary achievement of Jason Goroncy

14 Jul 2022

Whitley’s lecturer in Systematic Theology, Rev Associate Professor Jason Goroncy, has just launched his latest book ‘Imagination in an Age of Crisis – Soundings from the Arts and Theology’. Co-edited with Rod Pattenden, the book explores the vital role of the imagination in today’s complex climates, across cultural, environmental, political, racial, religious, spiritual, intellectual landscapes and more.

It asks, what contribution do the arts make in a world facing the impacts of globalism, climate change, pandemics, and losses of culture? What wisdom and insight, and orientation for birthing hope and action in the world, do the arts offer to religious faith and to theological reflection?

This literary achievement offers a unique collection of essays, poems, and short reflections written by art practitioners and academics from a diversity of cultures and religious traditions. Together it brings unexpected voices into a global conversation about imagining human futures.

To celebrate its launch, the book is available for purchase at 40% off for a limited time with the code ‘Crisis 40’.

Secure your copy here or contact Jason directly for a discounted copy.

You can read more about the book, and watch a brief introduction to the book here.