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Reading Scripture Interculturally

In this unit, students will explore the theory and practice of reading Christian Scriptures with people in different cultural contexts. Factors taken into account include the context, cultures, worldviews, heritages and traditions of the biblical authors, in dialogue with the context of contemporary readers. Students will explore common theological understandings of the work of the Holy Spirit in the inspiration of Christian Scripture, as well in the hermeneutic process, and will be introduced to frameworks and methodologies for reading of Scripture interculturally with others. Pathways for missional engagement, conversation and dialogue that result from reading Scriptures interculturally with others will be explored.

BS3025W – Undergraduate
BS9025W – Postgraduate
Unit offered alternatively as:
DM3025W – Undergraduate
DM9025W – Postgraduate
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Biblical Studies (BS)
Biblical Studies (B)
BA1001W Introducing the Hebrew Bible, BN1001W Interpreting the New Testament, or equivalent
Whitley College   view location >
Ian Dicks, Siu Fung Wu & Mark Brett
Class Time
2019: Saturday morning sessions x 9