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Supervised Theological Field Education Foundations

Semester 1
Day Class

This is a Supervised Theological Field Education Unit. STFE provides a framework for reflection, action, and the integration of learning with pastoral practice. It takes a specific context of ministry and focuses on how the application of skills gained and concepts explored during theological studies are now being applied and critiqued. Students are required to engage in a pastoral placement, approved by the Director of Field Education after a formal interview, for a minimum of twelve hours per week for two semesters.

Undergraduate: DP3067W
Postgraduate: DP9067W
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Pastoral Theology and Ministry (DP)
Theology: Mission and Ministry (D)
All Students:
Requires at least one unit in each of Field B, C & D.
Requires interview with, and approval of pastoral placement by the Director of Field Education.
This unit would be taken toward the end of an undergraduate/postgraduate award, seeking to integrate theological learnings with practice.
Undergraduate: Must be taken in conjunction with DP3069W or XP3069W in consecutive semesters.
Postgraduate: Must be taken in conjunction with DP9069W in consecutive semesters.
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Asher Kirby
Class Time
36 hours (includes peer group supervision and personal supervision),
in addition to ministry placement and workplace feedback hours