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Rural Ministry

Semester 1
Available Online

This unit engages with the distinctive and diverse culture of rural Australia with a view to exploring the needs and opportunities for ministry. Interaction with and observation of agricultural life will provide a basis for theological reflection on agriculture, the land, social and family life, the environment and economics in a rural setting. Out of reflections on these themes using the Bible and contemporary discussions, appropriate models for pastoral care, church life, community involvement and support in times of natural disaster will be developed and evaluated. The unit will orientate those who have not previously worked in rural communities. It will also be valuable to rural clergy and other professionals, including farmers and lay workers who seek tools to be more effective in their roles.

Undergraduate: DM3710W or Postgraduate DM9710W
Unit offered alternatively as:
Undergraduate: CT3710W or Postgraduate: CT9710W
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Missiology (DM) or Christian Thought (CT)
Theology: Mission and Ministry (D) or Christian Thought and History (C)
Undergraduate: 18 points DM & CT
Postgraduate: 24 points DM
Geoff Leslie
Class Time
2021: Online (Cancelled)