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Global Experience: An Extended Culture and Language Engagement Exercise

This unit is a 6 week supervised visit to a socio-cultural and religious community different from the student’s own for the purposes of gaining some experience of cross-cultural work and ministry. It occurs in partnership with Global Interaction, the Australian Baptist cross-cultural mission organization, and under the supervision of both a trained culture and language facilitator and a host community language and culture helper. Students will be guided through a language acquisition and culture awareness program, learning some basic vocabulary and grammar from the host community’s language along with an acquaintance with aspects of the community’s culture. Students will also have the opportunity to observe the working life of cross-cultural workers.

Undergraduate: DM3008W (Unit offered alternatively as AR3008W)
Postgraduate: DM9008W (Unit offered alternatively as AR9008W)
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Missiology (DM)
Theology: Mission and Ministry (D)
Undergraduate: DM1005W Culture and Language
Postgraduate: DM1005W/DM8005W Culture and Language
All: Students will require an Australian Federal Police background check, as well an interview with a Global Interaction staff member prior to being accepted into the program.
Dates and field location negotiated by arrangement with Global Interaction, Hawthorn   view location >
Ian Dicks   view profile >
Class Time
The unit will be primarily a field based program with daily activities, including times of observation, interaction and reflection. Prior to departure to the host country, students will attend a day seminar detailing the country and people group.