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Crossing the Street: Understanding Islam & Our Muslim Neighbours

This unit provides an introduction to Islam by looking at its historical development, the life of the Prophet Muhammad, the place of the Quran in Islamic life, central beliefs & practices of Muslims, as well as historical Western and Christian interactions with Islam and Muslims. Particular attention will be paid to understanding the spiritual world and daily life of Muslims in various contexts, as well as barriers and bridges that can inhibit or facilitate understanding, positive interaction and fruitful encounters with Muslim neighbours. The unit will include talks and discussions with Muslims about their faith, as well as a visit to a local Mosque.

DM2065W or DM3065W – Undergraduate
DM9065W – Postgraduate
Unit offered alternatively as:
AR2065W or AR3065W – Undergraduate
AR9065W – Postgraduate
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Missiology (DM)
Theology: Mission and Ministry (D)
Two Level 1 units in Fields B, C and/or D
Whitley College   view location >
Ian Dicks   view profile >
Class Time
2019: Three hours per week