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A Lockdown Prayer

Keith Dyer • A Lockdown Prayer • September 2021

God of love and hope,

We find ourselves trapped in a world far smaller than we are used to

but far bigger and more privileged than most people on this planet.

Help us to keep things in perspective

We find ourselves in a world far too familiar, the consequence of our own making and past decisions

yet imposed on us, not by our choice but for the safety of all.

Help us to see new possibilities in our lives

We find ourselves in a world of blurred boundaries — the days, the weeks, the months, our work, our leisure

— encircled by a 10km boundary, a city limit, a State border.

Teach us to value the moment, the opportunity, the kairos

We find ourselves spending more time than ever with ourselves, our close family, our pets, our bubble-friends,
our masked neighbours passing by

— but losing touch with so many colleagues, acquaintances, relatives and those we used to travel to meet.

Help us to be faithful friends by whatever means possible
to all we know and encounter

We find ourselves worshipping a screen, zooming for fellowship, sharing virtual communion, hearing talking
heads and pre-recorded music

— and challenged by new technologies, creative connections, new ways of expressing meaning, images
of hope and despair.

Keep us rigorous in seeking truth, in valuing honesty,
and in challenging vested interests and fake news

We find ourselves prisoners of daily routines, trying to eat healthily, exercise regularly, live hopefully, engage meaningfully

— and sometimes struggling to see connections between our own lives and the huge issues facing our planet.

Keep us faithful in the daily disciplines of sorting our own rubbish,
tending to our environment, and caring for our wider world

We find ourselves, over and over again in our little world

— and sometimes forgetting to marvel at the resurgence of life in Spring, the signs of love, hope and justice
in the most unlikely places.

In all this, help us to find You and to find each other.


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