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We’re proud of the role we play in the education and development of students here at Whitley College.

In a rapidly changing world, we’re constantly planning for the future to ensure we continue to provide the very best environment in which students can realise their potential.

The education at Whitley encompasses quality teaching and pastoral support delivered by committed lecturers and tutors with an emphasis on academic excellence as well as a deep respect for the individual. At Whitley we believe theological formation involves all of life, demanding both academic rigor and a commitment to discipleship. Whitley is dedicated to providing high quality educational resources to all of those committed to the call of God and to the life and mission of the Church.

A Whitley College educational experience is further enhanced by an inclusive college community, where lifelong friendships are forged, leadership opportunities abound and a focus on the wider community is instilled.

By making a tax-deductible contribution to Whitley College, you’re helping us help future generations of students – your donation means we’ll be able to provide the safe and inclusive environment that we’ve built our reputation on for years to come, a diverse environment that fosters learning and leadership.

Help Whitley College to continue to provide the very best learning environment for future students.

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