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Associate Professor Robyn Wrigley-Carr

Pastoral and Spiritual Care


Robyn teaches in the area of Pastoral and Spiritual Care at Whitley College. She is also Program Director of Spiritual Care for the University of Divinity in the School of Professional Practice. She has been involved in theological education for over two decades and lectured at Alphacrucis University College for 8 years before joining Whitley. As well as being an academic, Robyn leads retreats in Australia and England and is a spiritual director. She attends Northside Baptist Church.

As well as writing several books, including the Archbishop of York’s Advent Book for 2021, she has written many articles and has presented on Renovaré podcasts and ABC Radio’s ‘God Forbid’ program.

Robyn is on the Executive Committee for the International Network for the Study of Spirituality and is on the Editorial Board and Book Reviews Editor for the Journal for the Study of Spirituality. She is also Adjunct Associate Professor for the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture in Canberra (Charles Sturt University).


Units Currently Teaching:

Research Areas/ Preferred Areas of Supervision

Recent Publications:


Music of Eternity: Meditations for Advent with Evelyn Underhill. The Archbishop of York’s Advent Book. London: SPCK, 2021.

The Spiritual Formation of Evelyn Underhill. London: SPCK, 2020.

Evelyn Underhill’s Prayer Book (ed). London: SPCK, 2018.


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Book Chapters:

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