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Home News Study ‘The Gospel of John’ this year as an audit student! See our special offer.

Study ‘The Gospel of John’ this year as an audit student! See our special offer.

3 Apr 2024

Come and join a cohort of people keen to learn more about John’s gospel, and how to make good use of it in the ways we serve the church and beyond. Take advantage of the special ‘audit offer’, with the fee discounted from $500 to $250. *As an audit student, you will receive all the content and participate in classes, without being required to complete assessments. It’s the perfect way to experience theology before making a bigger commitment to study. 


This is a diploma-level unit, which seeks to engage us in thinking about how John’s gospel can enrich the life and service of any person. In this class you will:

This unit will also feature guest lectures from specialists across the Baptist Union of Victoria, who will speak to how the content of the gospel can be taught in various ministry areas, such as kids and youth ministry, small groups, preaching, worship, etc.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to learn more about the Bible and its application to life and service. This also meets the requirement of professional development for Baptist Union of Victoria pastoral accreditation.

When and Where?

From 6:00pm – 9:00pm on Thursday evenings from 1st August – 7th November (excluding 26th September and 3rd October).

Join the unit at either:

Students can also attend online via Zoom, though attending in person will be a way better experience.


$250 to audit, $2,047 for credit (FEE-HELP is available; click here).
**The audit fee can be discounted from the cost of any future unit that you may wish to take for credit, up to four units. 

How to Apply? 

To apply to audit the subject, download the pre-filled audit application form, complete it and return it to

Apply to take this subject for credit here.

More Questions?

Contact the coordinator of the subject, Rev Andy Mitchell, at


*Audit students don’t receive academic credit for the audit subjects, however, it does still appear on their academic transcript. Whitley will provide a certificate of completion of the unit if the student requests it.

**Only one audit fee can be discounted from each unit taken for credit. Multiple audit fees cannot be discounted from one unit taken for credit.

Read more about Audit at Whitley here.

Read more about how to apply to study at Whitley here.