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Student Story by Amos Van Lian

14 Jul 2022

If I had to describe Whitley in one line it would be ‘diverse, united and open’.

I think the thing which has surprised me most about studying here is how open I am at college. Maybe I feel safe and at home!

My name is Amos Van Lian and I am studying a Graduate Certificate in Theology. I am from Myanmar. I arrived in 2015. I’m married to Len and we have three children.

Before I arrived in Australia, I made a choice to study theology. After about a month I enrolled at Whitley. I Googled all the colleges and gathered feedback from people, as well as searching online. After all my research I chose to study at Whitley. A friend suggested it was a good college, especially for someone from a non-Anglo background. I’m doing face-to-face mode of learning. I’m a LOTE (Language Other Than English) student and face-to-face is the best option. Although, I do have one unit on Zoom.

I am also an associate pastor in a church, working part-time. Teaching the Word of God is very rewarding. Len and I also do cleaning jobs in the evenings.

There are a few units that have helped me in my daily life and ministry. In particular, Cultural Intelligence and Introduction to New Testament.

My experience at Whitley has been amazing. Beyond my expectations. I think the college is distinctive because of the diversity, the unity and the relationships that are formed. It seems like every background from all over the world has come and met at Whitley – it feels like I’m part of a big warm family.

I’d like to give a shout-out to Dorothy Morgan in administration. She has always been kind and ready to help. And Keith Dyer who is an amazing man with a kind heart. I really like the way he lectures his units.

What does my week look like? They differ but about 70% of my week is already on the (Whitley) timetable! The rest comprises family, work, study and self-care.