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Whitley’s Expansion Project

28 Oct 2021

Principal of Whitley College, Professor Rene Erwich recently announced the expansion plans which will help carry Whitley College into the future.

Construction work, which is scheduled to take place in 2022, will result in a new library, a chapel, a café, and greater teaching and event spaces.

Building works will extend to the rear of the property, preserving Whitley’s beautiful heritage facade.

The college principal says they have worked closely with architects to plan for the expansion. “Our combined vision is to have a facility which will greatly enhance the student experience, as well as one that builds on the hospitality and welcoming spirit that is synonymous with the college,” he says.

He believes that as the college celebrates its 130th anniversary, it is important to look back with gratitude at the vision of its founders. “But we also look to the future, and to our continued mission to offer theological education that ‘explores a living faith’ in our context and times,” he says.

Arrangements have been made for an alternative site for the 2022 academic year, at the University of Divinity’s facility at St Paschal’s in Box Hill. Meanwhile, negotiations on a location, in the Western Suburbs, continue.

“So many of our students tell us they love and appreciate the hospitality and welcoming aspect of studying at Whitley,” he says. “We look forward to having the capacity to extend this hospitality to the broader Baptist community.”

Professor Rene Erwich asks that the Whitley community might pray for continued blessings in relation to the college at what is a very exciting time.