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Galatians: Faith, Law and the Love-Centred Community

Semester 2
Night Class
Available Online

In this unit students will explore Paul’s letter to the Galatians with a focus on the themes of faith, the law and the Spirit-inspired love-centred community through examination of the plausible reconstructions of the social and historical contexts of the letter, as well as the different rhetorical structures proposed by scholars. Students will engage with recent scholarship regarding the traditional, salvation-historical, and apocalyptic readings of the letter. Exegesis of selected key texts in Galatians will be undertaken, employing a combination of literary, rhetorical and social-scientific approaches. Students will also investigate the christological, ethical, pneumatological, ecclesiological and missiological themes of the letter and explore the implications for the life and mission of the church today.

Undergraduate: BN3032W (Classroom) or BN3732W (Online)
Postgraduate: BN9032W (Classroom) or BN9732W (Online)
Undergraduate Level 3 and Postgraduate Elective
New Testament (BN)
Biblical Studies (B)
Undergraduate: BN1001W or equivalent
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Class Time
Three hours per week
Also available online