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Action and Contemplation: The Art of Christian Engagement

Semester 1

This unit explores the art of engaging in Christian life and ministry with a contemplative awareness. It will examine the Biblical, theological and practical foundations for a Christian contemplative spirituality, and the implications of this posture of union with God for one’s personal life, relationships, ministry and involvement in wider society.

Particular focus will be given to:

  • The Biblical, theological and practical issues of reconciling one’s active and contemplative life with the personal and social dimensions of ministry;
  • A theological understanding and critical engagement with the dynamics of forgiveness and reconciliation in ministry from a contemplative awareness;
  • Spiritual and practical exercises to increase their awareness of being present to themselves, the Holy Spirit, and to others.
Undergraduate: DS3205W
Postgraduate: DS9205W
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Spirituality (DS)
Theology: Mission and Ministry (D)
DS9201W Art of Contemplative Practice, or DS9011W The Inner Life of a Disciple of Christ, or equivalent
WellSpring Centre, Ashburton   view location >
Tim McCowan
Class Time
2020: 6 days (3 x 2 days, Fri/Sat) Mar/Apr/May - 2020 unit CANCELLED