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Human Research Methodologies – Online

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This unit will introduce students to a range of contemporary approaches to human subject research, and the epistemologies and theoretical perspectives that frame typical approaches. The Unit focuses on the skills required for drafting a research question or objective, selecting appropriate research methodology and method(s), literature review, research design, and the preparation of a research proposal and a research ethics submission. The Unit will introduce quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research approaches. The Unit will encourage students to identify methodologies and methods that are appropriate to their likely fields of study and offer each student the opportunity to gain advanced skills in one of several alternative research methods. These are likely to include: survey research, grounded theory, ethnography, theological action research, and discourse analysis. A student who successfully completes this Unit will be better equipped to write a research essay and/or draft an HDR research proposal.

Pastoral Theology and Ministry (DP)
Theology: Mission and Ministry (D)
This unit is foundational for the Minor Thesis and may be taken in the Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology, all Graduate Diplomas, all Masters awards, and all Doctorates.
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