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Mission in the Australian Context

This unit examines the relationship of gospel and culture, mission theory and practice by exploring dimensions of Christian mission in Australian contexts. Models of contextual theology, in which theology is in dialogue with cultural voices and worldview perspectives, will be explored. Topics will be selected from the following: Australian identity and worldview, a sense of place and time, Indigenous/non-Indigenous relationships, popular sustaining myths, multiculturalism, socio-economic and religious trends, approaches to evangelism and church planting, understandings of conversion and community, engagement with the working classes and underprivileged, the arts and film, Australian spirituality, postmodernity, the Australian church in its cultural context, and the extent to which there are Australian theologies.

DM2051W or DM3051W
Undergraduate (Level 2 or Level 3)
Missiology (DM)
Theology: Mission and Ministry (D)
Level 2: 30 points in DM, or CT, or Field B / Level 3: 45 points in DM
Whitley College   view location >
Ian Dicks, Darren Cronshaw   view profile >
Class Time
6 sessions of 6 hours each