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Church: The Quest for Christian Community

This unit explores aspects of the nature and action of the church in its biblical, historical, and contemporary forms. Particular attention is paid to investigating the relationship between the Christian community and the kingdom of God, and to the ideas of the Church as a Body of Christ and as a People of God. It also attends to matters of the community’s various proclamation activities, and asks how these relate to mission, worship, faith formation, and to the church’s life with and in the world today.

Undergraduate: CT2020W
Postgraduate: CT9020W
Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Systematic Theology (CT)
Christian Thought and History (C)
Undergraduate: CT1001W (or equivalent) and CT2002W (or equivalent)
Postgraduate: Three units in Foundational studies, including CT8001W (or equivalent) and CT9002W (or equivalent)
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Class Time
Three hours per week