Master of Divinity

This Master of Divinity is offered to students with an undergraduate degree in another areas. This is a foundational Masters program equipping people to study the scriptures, the traditions, the historical as well as contemporary contexts. It enables students to integrate their Christian identity and practice.

Study Mode
On campus / Online / Mixed mode
Full-time: 3 years / Part-time: (up to) 9 years
Course Load
18 standard postgraduate units
Semester Load
1–3 units
Available Online
Overseas Students
Open to student visa holders
Course Regulations

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Course Structure

2 Units (Field A) Biblical Language
2 Units (Field B) Biblical Studies Foundational
2 Units (Field C) Christian Thought and History Foundational
1 Units (Field D) Theology: Mission and Ministry Foundational
1 Units (Field B) Biblical Studies Elective
1 Units (Field C) Christian Thought and History Elective
1 Units (Field D) Theology: Mission and Ministry Elective
7 Units Elective
1 Units Capstone, or 2 Unit Research Essay