Student Support

As an HDR Student at Whitley College you should familiarise yourself with the Research Students pages on the website of the University of Divinity

On the University pages, you’ll find all the information you need about

The University website for Research students can be found by clicking here.

Dean of Research

The Dean of Research is available to all HDR students as a point of contact and connection. The Dean of Research’s role is complementary to that of the HDR supervisors who remain responsible for the academic and research journey of an HDR student. The Dean mof Research is available to support the student through the various processes of the University from Admission, grant application, confirmation, and final submission.

The Dean of Research is supported by members of the College’s Research Community.

Whitley IT Account Application

A Whitley College IT Account provides you with WiFi access at the College, a Whitley email address and access to Office365 online.

To apply, please submit a completed IT Account Agreement. Be sure to include your name and usual contact email address – clearly typed or printed to avoid confusion! Submit your application to the office: Your IT account details will be emailed to you.