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Research Seminars and Training

Parkville Plus – Research Seminar Series 2022

Parkville Plus logoWhitley College partners with Pilgrim College and the Australian Lutheran College to offer Research Seminars for HDR Students and their supervisors three times per semester.

All the Parkville Plus seminars will be available in both face-to-face and online mode (via Zoom).

If you  would like to receive the regular emails advertising research seminars, please contact our Dean of Research, Dr Darrell Jackson and he will ensure you receive the details by regular email communication.

Where the presenter has given permission, research seminars will be recorded and copies will eventually be made available.

The series of six research seminars anticipated, hosted in 2022 on the Parkville campus of Pilgrim College on the following dates, beginning at 2pm, and finishing by 5pm:

Semester One: Monday 14th March | Monday 11th April | Monday 16th May

Semester Two: Monday 15th August | Monday 12th September | Monday 10th October

University Research Day 2022

The University of Divinity hosts an annual Research Conference for all HDR students and faculty, scheduled for the 1-2nd June, 2022. The day is an excellent opportunity for students and faculty to present the fruit of their ongoing research in a series of seminar presentations. For further details please visit the webpages for the University of Divinity’s School of Graduate Research.

Centering the margins 2022

In addition to its involvement in the Parkville Seminars, Whitley remains committed to research concerns that address the College’s long-standing commitment to scholarship that emerges at the margins of the dominant, western academy. As appropriate, Whitley will host research seminars that allow HDR students and faculty to access excellence of scholarship emerging from the majority world, postcolonial studies, LOTE/ CALD scholarship, and critical and queer scholarship that intersects with the study of theology through HDR.