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Graduate attributes

Whitley College is a learning community that seeks to develop graduates with the following qualities, characteristics, and capabilities.

Graduands are:

  1. Shaped by Formational and Self-Critical Learning:
    • Formed by the diverse resources of the Christian tradition, and thereby equipped for service and witness in the world
    • Willing to engage in self-appraisal, and to welcome constructive feedback from supervisors and peers
    • Responsible for the development of one’s own vocation, in the context of God’s mission, in the lifelong journey of learning
  2. Interculturally and Internationally Aware:
    • Welcoming of and interacting with the diverse cultural backgrounds, languages, and traditions that comprise the College community, and the wider Australian community in its regional contexts
    • Committed to working for reconciliation with Indigenous Australians
    • Mindful of under-resourced communities in the Asia-Pacific region with whom we engage in mutual learning and witness
  3. Seeking Integrity and Integration:
    • Pursuing comprehensive knowledge of one or more disciplines, undertaken throughout their program of study, accredited against national and international standards
    • Demonstrating an ability to understand and to engage intelligently with a variety of alternative viewpoints, and to integrate learning across disciplines
    • Valuing academic freedom, critical rigour, and creative research methods, while seeking applications in the practices of faith
  4. Appreciative of the Baptist Ethos:
    • Embodying the freedoms and responsibilities characteristic of Baptist traditions
    • Committed to personal and social transformation arising from fresh interpretations of Holy Scripture
    • Active in critical solidarity with other religious traditions in the ways of God
  5. Socially and Contextually Responsible:
    • Caring for others, and for the world which is our common home
    • Responsive to contemporary challenges facing the Christian community, and the wider public locally and globally
    • Engaging constructively in purposeful debate and action