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Care & Safety

Whitley College is committed to providing the highest quality of educational opportunity for all our students, in a safe and caring environment.  We aim, within the limits of our resources, to provide the best possible facilities, courses and educational processes, together with pastoral care and support.

Studying theology is essentially about our formation as people, and we recognise that difficult questions can surface about faith, the Bible and life. Pastoral care remains a central focus of our life as a Christian learning community as we endeavour to provide a safe place for students to work, learn, express themselves and grow – both intellectually and spiritually.

Consequently, we require of all students and staff a fundamental respect for the privacy and safety of each other. All who work and study within Whitley College are required to adhere to the University of Divinity’s Statement of Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct, which includes rights to privacy, to fair treatment, to be safe from harassment of any form, and to high standards of teaching.

If for any reason you feel that these rights have not been honoured, there is a list of people you can contact available on our noticeboards in the College. These contact persons can explain your rights to you, and other procedures available to you. All approaches will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.