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Being Human

For practitioners who want to further their professional development, or those who would like a taste of theological study, Whitley is offering their semester two 2020 unit ‘Being Human’ for audit, at the special rate of just $350!*

Unit Description

While challenging students and their perspectives this unit seeks to address and answer life’s mind boggling question “what does it mean to be human?” This unit introduces students to the various ways in which “being human” is understood and experienced among different groups of people.
Students will examine the ways in which Christian theology has approached and understood the mysteries of human personhood. 

With attention to christology, the body, sexuality, childhood, ageing, death, and more, students will learn to deepen and articulate their own developing theological anthropology. The overall focus of this unit is on the ways Christian Theology has approached and understood the mysteries of human personhood.

Unit Name

Being Human

Unit Code

Undergraduate: CT2705W or CT3705W Postgraduate: CT9705W

Unit Outcomes

Key abilities students can expect to develop in the course of this unit include:

  1. Identify and analyse a variety of ways that the Christian tradition has approached the question of our being human.
  2. Evaluate where theological understandings of human personhood critically intersect with other theological commitments and experiences.
  3. Articulate a coherent theological response to the question ‘What are human beings?’

For more information about this unit, and how to enrol, complete the form below.

Meet the Lecturer

This class will be convened by Rev Dr Jason Goroncy who teaches in the area of systematic theology at Whitley College, and has lectured around the world. An ordained minister, Jason’s current research interests lie chiefly in the areas of theological anthropology (with a particular focus on death), trauma studies, and the work of the Scottish theologian P. T. Forsyth. Jason is an ordained minister with the Baptist Union of Victoria and the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. He previously served as a pastor in Baptist and Uniting churches, as a lecturer at the Koh Lo Traw Theological College (Thailand), as a lecturer and Dean of the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership in New Zealand, and as Chair of the Church and Society Working Group for the World Communion of Reformed Churches.

*What does ‘auditing’ a subject mean? It means you can attend classes, download study materials and participate in classroom activities without the need to fulfill the assessment requirements to earn credit towards an academic award. For a small fee, this extraordinary opportunity provides professional development and further learning. Please note that you cannot claim academic credit for completion of a unit as an audit participant, either in the current study period or retrospectively. The $350 special offer is for semester two, 2020 classes on an audit basis only. Offer expires 17 July and price thereafter will be $500.