Tuition fees are set each year by the University of Divinity and are uniform across all the teaching colleges.

Fees are charged on the basis of a ‘unit fee’, which covers the teaching for one unit of study. This fee is all-inclusive: it covers tuition, library usage, and student facilities.

Tuition fees are payable upfront directly to University of Divinity before the start of the unit, or through FEE-HELP.

Australian citizens and holders of a permanent humanitarian visa may defer the payment of fees through the FEE-HELP loan scheme. Tuition fees are paid by the government, and debited to a loan account. Students are not required to begin repaying the accumulated loan debt until their taxable income rises above the compulsory repayment threshold. Please see www.studyassist.gov.au for more information.

Further detailed information is available on the University of Divinity website. For information on auditing a unit, visit our dedicated Audit page.

Fee per standard coursework unit
2023 2022
Undergraduate (Degree/Diploma) $1861 $1764
Postgraduate $2882 $2732
Audit fee per standard unit
Audit fees are payable directly to Whitley College
$500 $500