Rev Dr Richard Mallaby

TransFormation Program Coordinator

Portrait of Richard MallabyBio

Richard is an in-home-care chaplain with Baptcare in Victoria, and the coordinator of TransFormation, a 3 year training program provided by the Baptist Union of Victoria and Whitley College for pastors and lay leaders of LOTE churches. This year 80 students are enrolled, 30 of which are working toward a Diploma of Theology through the University of Divinity. Richard has been involved in community development, pastoral ministry, ministry formation and cross-cultural ministry for more than thirty years and holds degrees in agriculture and divinity, a master in environmental science, and a doctorate in eco-theology entitled “Children in the Natural World: a theological reflection upon encounter and wonder”. Richard lived with his family in Indonesia for seven years. His growing interest in therapeutic landscapes and garden design in general, along with the use of sculpture in the landscape, reflects his desire to promote healing and spiritual awareness through engagement within the Natural World. He enjoys gardening and sailing. Married to Anne they have 3 adult children and one grandchild.


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