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Home News A snapshot of enrolments at Whitley.

A snapshot of enrolments at Whitley.

31 May 2023

We’re delighted to have new students studying with us this year. We’re also encouraged by the surge in enquiries for future study at Whitley.

We emerged from 2022 feeling confident that the foundational work we did to fill the gaps in our processes and marketing intelligence was reaping reward. As a team we collaborated to achieve the following:

Our deeper awareness inspired better decision making and new initiatives. Some examples include pivoting our semester one, 2023 enrolment campaign to include Google Ads for the first time. We targeted our messaging to different audiences and saw an increase in community engagement overall. We launched a ‘Church Engagement Roadshow’, which involves our generous teaching staff delivering classes on the Bible and theological perspectives to local Baptist Church congregations. This has created awareness and curiosity for theological study. We began to better understand the key intersection points between Whitley College and our students and community and for the first time since the pandemic, the college experienced strong growth.

In 2023 and beyond, we will strive to continue this growth trajectory with new projects and initiatives.
Some key marketing projects that are in the works include:

We are also doing much more behind the scenes with regards to the library, scholarship programs, research, student support and community engagement. We appreciate you journeying with us and will keep you updated on further progress.