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Student Story by Megan Stock

9 Sep 2022

I’m not terribly quirky but I do like to pump-up the worship music and sing as I’m driving in my car. I’m one of those people that you go ‘I wonder what they’re singing’ when you’re driving next to them.

My name is Megan Stock. I am a pastor at Narre Warren and I’m studying two subjects at Whitley.

Within six weeks of starting, all of the pastors at Narre Warren Baptist Church resigned. That was February 2020. A month later, I had to close the church down due to COVID-19 and we went online.

I needed a support network and had a number of fellow pastors in the region come alongside. This led me to looking at becoming ordained.

I already have a degree in theology from another college but found there were some Baptist-centric subjects that I hadn’t done. So last year, I did an ethics toolbox subject which I loved. This year I’m doing STFE (supervised theological field education).

I’ve been surprised at how engaging STFE is. I’ve done theological studies and I have peers that I talked to, but it’s surprised me at how much I really appreciate that extra level of camaraderie in ministry.

As a group of students doing STFE, we’re all reasonably qualified in our fields. It allows each to speak into each other from a pastoral, biblical and spiritual perspective. It’s a guided case study or reflection that is supporting us in our ministries.

I’d say that I have found Whitley to be welcoming and friendly. They deliver what they promise.

Theological studies generally tend to feel out of reach for the average person, in the sense that people don’t know why they would reach for it. Or, what relevance it would have to their lives.

The misconception about studying at Whitley is that it’s not something for them, but I think it’s because they don’t understand what it could bring. Plus they think they need to be some kind of super-spiritual person to go to bible college.

I’m married to Richard and we have three adult children.

I would like to give a shout-out to both of my lecturers: Lynn Moresi, last year in ethics; and Asher Kirby for STFE, and breaking down what can in some ways be a complex process.

Throughout my education I just love the way God parallels what I’m learning with what I find I’m suddenly talking about with people in my congregation.

Good stories from Whitley are what I like. Hearing that what you’re studying has relevance in your day-to-day life.