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Helpful tips to stay motivated during the Easter break

7 Apr 2022

Staying motivated with your studies during the Easter break can be a challenge. Our Dean of Students Katie Parker has some helpful tips to share.

Appreciate time as a gift and use it wisely.
Think about the things you would like to achieve over the break and write them down. Big things and small things. Add them to your calendar as this will keep you organised and accountable.

Reflect on the year so far.
Easter is an important time of reflection. Think about what’s going well for you and what you’d like to improve on. If you need support reach out with an email over the break and list your areas of concern. Also celebrate and give thanks for what’s going well for you. This will give you a renewed focus.

Do things that make you happy.
It’s been a challenging time, as we’ve emerged from a pandemic to a new normal of study. Reward yourself by doing things that bring you joy. Do these things with intention and gratitude. You’ll be surprised as the renewed energy this brings.

Catch up on study if you need to.
Going back to the point that time is a gift, this is the perfect time to catch up on work that needs your attention. You’ll return with a sense of calm and accomplishment.

Most importantly, have a blessed Easter.