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A Welcome Message from your Principal

17 Mar 2021

Dear students,

The 2021 academic year has started and I am pleased to see that so many of you have already embarked on this year’s study and research! I am particularly pleased that we are able to combine in-person teaching on our campus with online access this year. As educators, we are first of all learners and we are slowly digesting the lessons learned from the year 2020. Though this was a year we will not soon forget, as I reflect on the past twelve months, I am reminded how quickly we responded to the rapidly changing situation to accommodate you in your studies during that challenging period. We are extremely proud of you and, of course, your results; if you have already graduated when you read this, we hope it was a celebration to remember!

During this year we continue to focus on further improving your study experience with us as a College. We are looking specifically at our facilities and how we can create more study spaces and places to meet and collaborate. Some exciting plans for the near future are on the agenda! A review of our offerings is another area of focus: we want to ensure we are providing you with clear information and pathways of study that reflect the realities facing churches and other types of ministry. Feel free to ask us about these, as we are aware of the constantly changing contexts in which you work. For us, it’s about the relevance of your theological studies and how they equip you to respond to your call.

If you need additional support or assistance, there are a number of resources and contacts on our Student Support page. Should you require information on accessing our library resources (remotely or in person), you can find tips here.

If you have specific questions around arrangements for your classes, please contact your lecturer directly, as they will have the most up-to-date information relevant to your learning.

The Whitley Faculty and Staff continue to pray for you in the period ahead. Please know we are here for you to support you where needed. We hope you will join with us in more fervent prayer and stay connected with us through Facebook, or contact the campus directly.


René Erwich