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4 Dec 2019

Whitley College

As the Baptist College of Victoria and as an agency of the Baptist Union, Whitley College is dedicated to providing high quality theological educational resources to all of those committed to the call of God and to the life and mission of the Church in a rapidly changing society. In offering theological education through a comprehensive range of diplomas and degrees accredited by the University of Divinity, professional development opportunities, advanced research programs, and innovative and flexible training initiatives, Whitley seeks to fulfil its mission to equip men and women for leadership and service in a variety of ministries in church and society. Whitley is committed to creating an even stronger and dynamic learning environment for students and to develop further the relationships with partners and stakeholders.

Primary objectives

Whitley is seeking a person to fulfil the position of NEXT Coordinator.

The NEXT Coordinator is appointed by the Principal to work alongside the NEXT Team Leader delivering and administering the NEXT program.

NEXT is a unique Diploma offering of Whitley College focused on providing emerging and young adults a tailored experience of spiritual development and personal formation. See https://next.asn.au/for more information.

Position Description

Read the full NEXT Coordinator Position Description.


Prospective and interested candidates may direct inquiries to the Principal of Whitley College, Rev Dr René Erwich (rerwich@whitley.edu.au).


Please submit your application no later than Monday 9 December 2019.

Applications must include:

Send applications electronically to coordinator@whitley.edu.au.